About Us

Here is an introduction to our project.

Clay Cross Foodbank is built on Christian values of compassion, integrity and commitment. Our church based foodbank has engaged the whole community in providing food to local people going hungry. We  provide three days (10 balanced meals) of emergency food. Food is given as a result of referrals from registered Care Professionals such as Social Services, Health Visitors, Probation Officers, Church Pastoral Workers, schools and others working in the front line of poverty.

Families collect food from one of our centres, where it is packed to match their needs as closely as possible. While they wait we offer drinks, and biscuits or cakes.  This allows us time to offer a listening ear and possibly point them towards areas of help in order to break the poverty cycle.  We partner with local groups including Citizen’s Advice, Adult Education and other churches to provide help for people to change their circumstances and lift them from needing food support.

The foodbank will also support socially disadvantaged or vulnerable people by offering placements to work in the community, whatever their physical or mental condition. We can provide opportunities for those out of work to volunteer, building their confidence and skills and gaining a recent reference. 


Our Team


Jennie Strong

As our resiliance officer she is the one looking out for opportunities for funding and donations as well as the first point of call for our agencies when they need support, and makes sure that our volunteers are supported and encouraged in their roles.


Kay Adlington 

As Foodbank Administrator she is responsible for keeping the paperwork under control and playing on the internet (otherwise known as managing our website and social media!) She’s also the first point of call for general enquires and day to day issues.

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