Covid 19 Update 24.3.20

24th March 2020

First we’d like to say thank you to all those that have answered our pleas on facebook, we’ve recieved lots of offers of help and wonderful donations. We still need your help, if you are able to like and share our facebook posts we’d really appreciate it. We also still need donations of both food and money, please see our give help page for details.
After today we will be offering a delivery service only, you will still need a voucher issuing and the agency will contact us to arrange the delivery on the next tuesday or friday. If you don’t have current contact with one of our agencies please contact Citizens Advice on 0300 4568734, as they are still providing advice over the phone.


We can only provide food for those who are in crisis, if you are self isolating we would reccommend you contact North East Derbyshire District Council on 01246 231111 if you live in their area to get informed of whats available to help, or your district council if you live else where. There are also support groups available on facebook for a lot of our local communities.


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